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26 Jul July

We discuss all the big announcements from Comic-Con 2017 plus a jam packed Flux Capacitor

The nerds of the world have returned from their annual trip to the Mecca of Geekdom, San Diego Comic Con 2017! As these sweaty fanboys remorse over their lack of sleep and now crippling credit card debt, we recap all of the major announcements and new movie trailers from Comic-Con that we enjoyed from the comfort of home.

With a jam packed Movie Moments of Awesomness, we review the movie trailers for Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Ready Player One and Bright as well as all the info from both the Marvel and DC panels.

Our Flux Capacitor segment looks back at notable anniversary films in Air Force One, Bebe's Kids, Good Burger and Austin Powers: Goldmember.

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