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19 Jul July

We are joined by the host of the Rabbit Ears TV Podcast Ashlee Wright to discuss a big boned 90s classic Heavyweights

In this episode of the VIA VHS podcast we visit Camp Hope, home of the 1995 VHS Disney classic, Heavyweights!! Nothing like watching Ben Stiller berate and fat shame porkly adolescents to make you feel nostalgic, or depressed maybe.

Our Flux Capacitor segment features another Disney classic celebrating it's 30th anniversary, The Brave Little Toaster. Clocking in at 20 Years of age is one of Wesley's favorite all time films, the underrated Robert Zemeckis sci-fi hit Contact. At 15 years old it's the forgettable dumpster fire that is Halloween: Resurrection and finally we turn into Potter Heads for the 10th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Our listener question this week asks: Since it seems Daniel Craig is returning for Bond 25, who do you think should play the villain?

Finally we join Tony Perkis and his henchman Lars for fat shaming fun in our Heavyweights Rewind Review!

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