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28 Jun June

We look back on 1997's over the top action film Face/Off

This episode is so awesome it will melt your Face Off!! A film so orgasmic it will have you eating a peach and seeing doves.

Wesley is joined by Derek M.F. Cunningham and the man recently released from a stint in Twitter jail Beebz Purp Haze to discuss the 1997 action classic Face/Off. Directed by the incomparable John Woo and starring  two over the top cheeseballs in John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

In our Movie Moments of Awesomness segment we preview the upcoming release of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver as well as a look at all of the amazing films opening in July, such as War of the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Also, derek gives us his much belated review of Wonder Woman.

Our Flux Capacitor Anniversary films segment discusses a odd assortment of films this week. Spaceballs, Mel Brooks's classic Star Wars parody is celebrating it's 30th anniversary, Hercules, the Disney animated version is 20 years old, Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds is somehow 15 and it's now been a decade since the last decent Die Hard film as Live Free or Die Hard celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

As we anticipate the release of Blade Runner 2049. we honor the legacy of it's predecessor with this week's listener question by asking? "Is Blade Runner boring as F**K?" Our thoughts on the Ridley Scott sci-Fi Classic

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