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22 May May

In this episode of the VIA VHS podcast the crew fights on without Beebz and despite the lack of SFX and Superlatives, the squad produces a jam packed episode!!

We give our belated thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 in our Movie Moments of Awesomeness this week while Derek looks back on a Will Smith classic currently on showing on Netflix. This weeks Flux Capacitor segment looks back on two very disappointing sequels in Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Lethal Weapon 3. 

Our listener question this week inspires a very insightful debate:

Who is the greatest living director today?

We tackle this topic as well as take your answers on the topic. If you disagree make sure to call the VIA VHS Hotline at 919-421-1847 and tell us why we're stupid.

In this weeks Rewind Review we tell you why we're Homo 4 Nostromo as we celebrate the release of Alien: Covenant by looking back at Ridley Scott's original entry to this franchise, 1979's Alien.

0:00- Intros

7:48- Movie Moments of Awesomeness

23:40- The Flux Capacitor

34:00- Listener Question/Greatest Living Director Debate

57:55- Promos

60:00 Rewind Review

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