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8 May May

New Format, New Segments, New TV Podcast and New Network!?!?!?!

In this episode of the VIA VHS podcast we start to pull back the curtain on several new changes to the show that are designed to improve on our weaknesses and accentuate our strengths!

First we get rid of Derek. Nah. just kidding he's still on the show and Ashlee isn't his sex change alter-ego either. Ashlee is actually filling in for the Cal Ripken of the show who's streak is officially over, and she's got a major announcement of her own.

In our first format change we unveil our new segment Flux Capacitor, where we turn our time circuits on and revisit films that are celebrating hallmark anniversaries each week. This weeks Flux Capacitor films are:

Marvel's The Avengers at 5 years old

Spider-Man 3 at 10 years old

Spider-Man at 15 years old

Austin Powers and the Fifth Element at 20 years old!!

The second half of the show is dedicated to rolling out all the new changes and major announcements, including Ashlee's formal inclusion to the VIA VHS family by way of a new TV project! Finally we unveil our last new segment titled simply Listener Questions, where we field all of your questions by way of social media.

Promos for this episode are for So I Married A Movie Geek Podcast (@moviegeekcast) and the More Gooder Than podcast (@MGTpodcast). you cand find both of these amazing show and several more (including VIA VHS) at the brand new Movie Pod Squad Network at

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