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22 Apr April

Good ole' 1997! Hard to believe it was 20 years ago....

Bill Clinton's side chicks were only assumptions, Spice Girls made feminism fun, Social Media didn't control every aspect of our lives and the Internet didn't ruin Star Wars, only George Lucas did. Also 1997 was a freaking awesome year for movies!

Titanic became a cultural phenomenon that dominated the box office with PG-13 boobies and hit pop songs while movies like Men In Black, Good Will Hunting, LA Confidential and the Fifth Element became classics in their own right. So feed your Tomagatchi and pause your N64 while we reminisce with you.

In addition we talk about some news and events here in 2017. New trailers for American Assassin, Wakefield, and The Last Jedi. Also we discuss huge box office numbers for Fate of the Furious and the possibility of Will Smith as Genie in Disney's up-comming live action Aladdin.

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