I'm joined by my Podfix brethren Caleb from Netflix N' Swill to discuss the 1982 cult classic, John Carpenter's The Thing

This week I'm joined by thee only person who idolizes Kurt Russell more than Starlord, Caleb Edward from Netflix N' Swill is here to discuss the 1982 cult classic The Thing

As for me, your host Wesley, I  must admit however unfortunately that this was my first ever viewing of this 80s horror masterpiece. Did I love it, or did i eternally offend my guest for this week. This week's Flux Capacitor is jammed packed and Caleb uncomfortably navigates the guest spotlight. Netflix N' Swill can be found on all the popular pod catchers and on Twitter @netflixnswill

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About the podcast

VIA VHS is a Retro Movie Podcast that focuses on the best and worst films from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You know, all the films that wore out your VCR.

Each week I send a different guest from anywhere in the world a "Big Ass List" of movies and together we review a film from that list and discuss why we love or hate it so much. Stay tuned for special episodes with my friends Beebz and Derek as we discuss our favorite films from each decade, movie reviews, movie commentary's, and much more!

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