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19 Oct October

Steve Illannuccilli from New York City's Dinner and a Podcast joins me to discuss the 80's love letter to America, Rocky IV.

In the 80's Americans had lots of money, lots of cocaine and lots of winning! Essentially we were Charlie Sheen. Just coming off of a landslide win in the last election by the 'Old Gipper' and basking in the excess of 80s capitalism, America was in love with itself again, ...

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VIA VHS is a Retro Movie Podcast that focuses on the best and worst films from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You know, all the films that wore out your VCR.

Each week I send a different guest from anywhere in the world a "Big Ass List" of movies and together we review a film from that list and discuss why we love or hate it so much. Stay tuned for special episodes with my friends Beebz and Derek as we discuss our favorite films from each decade, movie reviews, movie commentary's, and much more!

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